Brad + Ashley: Married

First, I LOVED this venue. The Mavris in downtown Indy was so beautiful, and the staff was insanely helpful and accommodating. I hope like crazy I get to work there again because it was one of my very favorites, ever.

Also, I LOVE this couple. I knew at their engagement session that their wedding day would be perfect…they are so fun, sweet and just awesome down-to-earth people. Ashley and I clicked right away; we have laughed together, cried together and even found out we were cousins at her wedding!! Haha! Ashley’s father passed away suddenly a little over 3 years ago, and she was so strong on her wedding day. He was honored in many ways, and it was beautiful.

It truly was such a perfect day, and I was so incredibely honored to be a part of it.

Film used: Portra800 developed by The Find Lab; thanks for Kennedy Crissinger Photography for being a great second shooter as always2015-11-12_0016.jpg
2015-11-12_0017.jpgAshley had a patch sewn on her dress from one of her dad’s shirts. I adored this.
2015-11-12_0009.jpg2015-11-12_0007Brad’s best friend Jake was a fellow police officer that passed away recently in a tragic car accident while rushing to help others. To honor him all of the guys wore a fishing hook on their jackets, such a simple but perfect gesture.2015-11-12_0010.jpg
2015-11-12_0002.jpgSuch a sweet gift!! The mothers were given clutches with an old photo printed inside.2015-11-12_0023.jpgSuch a stunning bride. Really.
I really loved these bridesmaids. They were so helpful, fun, sweet and just awesome to be around.2015-11-12_0012.jpg
2015-11-12_0029.jpgThese guys were also awesome. SUCH A BLAST.
First look 🙂2015-11-12_0026.jpg2015-11-13_00162015-11-13_00182015-11-12_0015.jpg2015-11-13_0019The ceremony was so beautiful and emotional; people said they could just *feel* Ashley’s dad there. I agreed.
2015-11-12_0031.jpg2015-11-13_00042015-11-13_00052015-11-13_00092015-11-13_0012One of the most amazing moments I have ever witnessed in my life was Ashley’s “Father-Daughter Dance.” To honor her father, she started the dance off with her new husband, but she didn’t know her sister, brothers, and mom would be joining in as well. It was such a beautiful, touching moment, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. 2015-09-27_00012015-11-13_00062015-11-13_0007A special dance just for Ashley 🙂2015-11-13_00082015-11-13_00112015-11-13_00102015-11-13_00132015-11-13_0014

I would like to add additional photos to give a better idea of what I dealt with for the day (only because this group is awesome). Apparently my digital camera had been stolen for a brief moment…I told him I’d post them, and he didn’t believe me.

2015-11-12_00212015-11-12_0034You guys are SUCH a blast, your guests were such a blast, and I loved loved loved being a part of your day. It’s one I’ll never forget.

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