Britny + Joe: Married

This wedding was nothing short of perfection! Joe and Britny were clearly made for each other, and it was such a wonderful day.

Joe is part Ugandan and being able to witness his culture was truly awesome! Everyone was so welcoming, fun, and you could really just feel the love that was shared this day.

I absolutely *loved* this venue and its staff as well. The Cardinal Room in Zionsville was one of my favorite places I have shot in such a long time!

(all film used for this wedding was Portra800 and Fuji 400H…big thanks to Kennedy Crissinger for being my amazing second shooter, as always).

2015-10-01_00072015-10-05_00012015-10-01_00082015-10-01_00092015-10-05_00072015-10-01_00062015-10-05_00092015-10-05_00022015-10-05_00102015-10-05_0008Their first look was the sweetest.2015-10-05_00112015-10-05_00132015-10-01_00032015-10-05_00142015-10-01_00052015-10-05_00152015-10-05_00392015-10-05_00172015-10-05_00162015-10-01_00012015-10-01_00022015-10-05_00192015-10-05_00212015-10-05_00182015-10-05_00202015-10-05_00222015-10-05_00042015-10-05_00052015-10-05_00062015-10-05_00232015-10-05_00242015-10-05_00252015-10-05_00372015-10-05_00282015-10-05_0027

It was the first time I’ve ever seen a groom & his mom get showered with money during their dance!2015-10-05_00302015-10-05_00262015-10-05_00312015-10-05_00322015-10-05_00332015-10-05_0034The reception was so incredibly fun and it seemed like every person there was out of his or her seat and on the dance floor. Major props to Tyrone “FlyTy” Simmons for his AMAZING Dj’ing skills! He was so fun to work with, too!

Oh and this was quite the epic dance…

Thanks so much, Mr. and Mrs. Kalule! It was truly an honor to be there.



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