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danny + meghan

The morning of Danny and Meghan’s engagement shoot was SOOOO GLOOMY. I was a little bummed because

Jake + Ashley: Engaged

I had such a blast with Ashley and Jake. They had so many fun ideas for their engagement session and

Johnny + Morgan: Engaged

These two might have been *the* most laid-back couple I’ve ever photographed. We just completely

Austin + Hannah: Engaged

Aren’t these two the most adorable couple?! I can say that because Austin is my cousin so I am a

Erik + Ally: Engaged

I met Ally through a mutual friend and loved her the moment I met her! She has such an awesome, fun,

Katie + Nick: Engaged

Getting to know Katie and Nick has been one of the highlights of my photography career. Of course we

Dean + Ashton: Engaged

Ashton and Dean are seriously a dream come true. I didn’t have to pose them hardly at all their

Joe + Mollie: Engaged

It doesn’t get much better than Joe and Mollie. They are two of the kindest, most giving, most

Hannah + Riley: Engaged

Riley and Hannah are two of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I had never met them before their

Anthony + Molly: Engaged

I shot for the first time at Oak Haven with Anthony and Molly. Molly grew up riding horses there, and it

Scott, Jess + lots of love

It is hard photographing your best friend. Not hard as in they were hard subjects, but just hard as in

Stephanie and Adam: Engaged

I knew I would adore these two the moment I met them! It was obvious how in love they were, too. They

Monica + Adam: Engaged

I had the privaledge of meeting this adorable couple recently. Monica and Adam were so fun, sweet and SO

Amanda + Matt: Engaged

I had the pleasure of meeting these two lovebirds at a recent engagement shoot. They are both teachers