Chelsea + Devin: Married

Amboy, Indiana is such a small town you could almost drive through it in a blink of an eye. I have always lived close, but I had never been here before. Chelsea and Devin got married in an older church, and I really could feel the genuine love not only between them but from their guests as well. Everyone was just happy to be there. 2015-07-21_0016.jpg2015-07-21_0017.jpg2015-07-22_00102015-07-21_0018.jpg2015-07-22_00132015-07-21_0021.jpg2015-07-21_0022.jpg2015-07-21_0020.jpg2015-07-22_00112015-07-22_00142015-07-22_00182015-07-22_00152015-07-22_00162015-07-22_0012Devin’s reaction to seeing his bride during their first look was precious.2015-07-22_00012015-07-22_00022015-07-22_00032015-07-22_00072015-07-22_00082015-07-22_00092015-07-22_00062015-07-22_00042015-07-22_0019

I had never been to a ceremony like this one before. Practicing the traditional form of Quaker worship, the couple had an Expectant Waiting. The bride and groom waited for people to speak up with words of wisdom and well wishes. There were tears, laughing and tons of love. 2015-07-21_0005.jpg2015-07-21_0006.jpg2015-07-21_0003.jpg2015-07-21_0007.jpg2015-07-21_0004.jpg2015-07-21_0015.jpg2015-07-21_0010.jpg2015-07-21_0009.jpg2015-07-22_00442015-07-21_0011.jpg2015-07-21_0002.jpg2015-07-21_0001.jpg2015-07-21_0012.jpg2015-07-21_0013.jpg2015-07-21_0014.jpg2015-07-22_00332015-07-22_00302015-07-22_00292015-07-22_00312015-07-22_0032After their reception at the church there was an after party at the Izaac Walton League near Marion. It was such fun atmosphere, and I was so excited to capture more photos of the bride and groom together.2015-07-22_00252015-07-22_00212015-07-22_00242015-07-22_00342015-07-22_00412015-07-22_00402015-07-22_00372015-07-22_00392015-07-22_00222015-07-22_00382015-07-22_00432015-07-22_00202015-07-22_0023After getting into more comfy clothes, we took a few more before I left…so glad we did!2015-07-22_00352015-07-22_00362015-07-22_0042Congrats again, guys! Honored to have been able to capture your day 🙂 I wish you nothing but the best!!


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