Erik + Allyson: Married

I met Ally several years ago through a mutual friend; I loved her instantly, and I can completely say the same about Erik whom I met this past fall at their engagement session. Anyone that is around them can see that are a match made in Heaven…and can I just take a second to say how amazing their families are, too?! Man, I get SO lucky working with such amazing people. I felt so incredibly welcomed and appreciated being there because of just how great everyone was. I am so thankful for that. Their wedding day was *so* fun and seriously couldn’t have been more perfect.

Did I mention Ally was a dream bride?! Besides the fact that she is insanely easygoing, she *loves* black and white photography, which totally speaks to my heart!

most photos shot with fuji400h film, ilford 3200 film; developed by PhotoVision

venue: the beautiful Bel Air, Kokomo

second shooter: the wonderful Kennedy Crissinger

2016-03-24_0010.jpg2016-03-25_00092016-03-24_0009.jpgso, so stunning.2016-03-25_00012016-03-24_0007.jpg2016-03-24_00202016-03-24_00172016-03-24_00192016-03-24_00152016-03-24_00162016-03-24_0013.jpg2016-03-24_00182016-03-24_00212016-03-24_0012.jpg2016-03-24_00142016-03-24_0011.jpg2016-03-24_0003.jpg2016-03-24_00232016-03-29_00032016-03-24_00222016-03-29_00022016-03-24_0002.jpg2016-03-24_0008.jpg2016-03-24_00242016-03-25_0008One of my very favorite moments of the day was when Erik and Ally surprised his grandfather with a cupcake and had everyone sing him Happy Birthday. It was the sweetest.
2016-03-29_00052016-03-25_00032016-03-25_00022016-03-25_00112016-03-24_0001.jpg2016-03-29_00072016-03-25_00052016-03-25_00062016-03-29_00062016-03-25_00072016-03-29_0008Thank you guys so much for having me come along to your special day. It truly was beautiful, and I had such a blast. I wish you both nothing but the very, very best.



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