Eveslage Family: Downtown Kokomo

Working with the Eveslage family was so fun. They filled in for me last second when someone canceled, and I couldn’t have been more grateful! I had Kylene Marquissee from Tennessee come up to mentor with me, and it really ended up being the perfect night.

Maria is also an amazing photographer in Sheridan, Indiana! Make sure to look her up! (Eveslage Photography)

2015-08-24_0001.jpg2015-08-24_0002.jpg2015-08-24_0006.jpg2015-08-24_0003.jpg2015-08-24_0004.jpg2015-08-24_0005.jpgHow sweet is Ella?!
2015-08-24_0007.jpg2015-08-24_0008.jpg2015-08-24_0009.jpg2015-08-24_0011.jpg2015-08-24_0010.jpg2015-08-24_0012.jpg2015-08-24_0013.jpg2015-08-24_0014.jpg2015-08-24_0015.jpg2015-08-24_0016.jpg2015-08-24_0017.jpg2015-08-24_0018.jpg2015-08-24_0019.jpg2015-08-24_0020.jpg2015-08-24_0021.jpgThanks *SO* much again, guys.

Oh, and I am pretty sure the image below on the right was my fave of the night! ha!2015-08-24_0022.jpg

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