Joe + Mollie: Engaged

It doesn’t get much better than Joe and Mollie. They are two of the kindest, most giving, most welcoming and most loving clients I’ve ever worked with. Their love for God is so beautiful, too.

We photographed around campus at Purdue University and had such an awesome time.2015-10-23_0019.jpg

How did you guys meet?

We were in the same classes in Krannert School of Management and had the same internship position with Purdue Athletics freshman year. Additionally, we both hung out around St. Tom’s at Purdue. We were friends for around 9 months before we started to date! Our friendship transformed into a relationship with faith at the foundation thanks to St. Tom’s and the Boiler Awakening Program.


What is it about Mollie that makes her the One (tons of reasons, I know…but your faves)?

Like you said…way too many to count! But by far the number one thing is her faith. She constantly challenges and inspires me to grow in my relationship with God because of how strong she is with hers! It was the first thing that stood out and continues to be the foundation of our relationship both now and going forward once we get married!2015-10-23_0017.jpg

Why do you love Joe so much?

It is a blessing to have Joe as a best friend and role model. It is a pure gift from God that he is my fiance. He continually inspires me. He is a giver, selflessly pouring into others without worrying about his own needs. Joe is a spiritual leader, and he continually reminds me that we are helping one another on our journey towards Heaven.2015-10-23_0031.jpg

Tell me about the proposal!

Joe had a scavenger hunt all around campus for me on November 22, 2014. It started in Krannert where we first met and continued around campus in spots we had made memories over the last couple of years. At every spot, I had loved ones waiting on Joe and I to celebrate with us, pray with us, or just share kind words and advice. At the second to last stop, our friend Riley Rapp gave me my last clue. “There is only one place where we today’s journey could end.” I knew we were headed to St. Tom’s! When we got there, I had a special moment alone with just my parents. My mom then proceeded to guide me into the church and sat me in a pew close to the front of the church. Joe had put together a slideshow of pictures from our relationship and also voiced over “A Crucifixion Type Love.” The poem explains how a man should love his beloved as Christ loves His Church, and I sobbed like a baby. After the slideshow ceased, Joe came up behind me, pulled me into the middle of the church, and said, “Mollie Marie Daily,will you marry me?”

How sweet was that?!



It is truly an honor of mine to be a small part of this journey with you guys. I seriously can’t wait until May! I know it is going to a day filled with so much love.


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