Reflecting and Resolutions

Without a doubt, 2014 was the best. The best, ever.

We started out the year anxiously expecting our first baby. The road to have her was a long one, and the 9 month wait seemed the longest part of it all. I was so grateful that my Christmas break from teaching was extended because of the insane snow we got at the beginning of the year. We missed so many school days (my husband was a teacher at the time also…we both have chosen different career paths). I was so grateful for those days snowed in with nowhere to go.

On March 14 our Bostyn Faith was born. I love these three photos below. My husband captured so many amazing photos when she was just born (I love the one on the left he took). The one in the middle was taken of him with her around 4 in the morning in the hospital. Dr. Hott is on the far right. We truly love this man and what he did for our family.


Life became a crazy whirlwind the day that sweet girl came into the world, and it didn’t slow down.

Thanks to Denise Geary of Geary Photography, I landed my awesome studio space in Downtown Kokomo this past summer. It is so amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for making it possible. She moved up to Angola, so make sure to spread the word to friends in that area about Geary Photography! Not only did she help me make the studio mine, she let me borrow her props and spread the word to her clients about my business. She is great.

My husband took a new job as the Athletic Director at North Miami School Corporation, and I resigned from my teaching job  as a high school English teacher. My business has taken off in such an amazing way since I moved in to my studio. I am fully booked for weddings next year and my session availability is dwindling. I could have only dreamed that I would become this busy, and I just feel truly blessed and honestly honored that people choose me to document important times in their lives.

My  year in photography ended off so well with me winning the Best of Kokomo award for Photographer, as well as one of my photos being featured on a popular photography blog.

I am a little sad to move on from 2014 because it was just that good, but I am excited for 2015. I am excited to celebrate another anniversary with the one I love more than anything…


(image by Kennedy Crissinger Photography)

I can’t wait to document my baby growing up before my eyes…



bogree3 (1 of 1) copyfb2


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boplay2 (1 of 1) copyfb



I can’t wait for more holidays to come…




but most of all I just cant wait to live in the moment with my two loves.





New Years Resolutions??

1- Super-cliche-better-myself resolution: get healthier

2- Make my business even more successful (and keeping my sanity while doing so with my crazy babe)

3- Do a better job of showing others Jesus through me

…I should probably throw becoming a better cook and being more patient on the list, too.


Best wishes for a happy, healthy and beautiful 2015, everyone. <3


With love,




  • Lynn Darda - Great post! Glad you found a way to work using your gifts and following your passion! That is a blessing. The photos of your daughter are amazing! Happy 2015.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Awe, thanks so much, Lynn! Happy 2015 to you!ReplyCancel

  • Barb Neal - I hope 2015 is a wonderful one for you. Thanks for the delightful reception pic s you did for Ali and Bryan.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Awe same to you, Barb!! And it was my pleasure…it was wonderful working with you guys!ReplyCancel

  • Website - Sometimes, you’ve to express what people don’t want to think about. I respect you for that.ReplyCancel

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