meeting miss evelyn

This family. I LOVE THEM. I have photographed them several times now, and each time I walk away loving my job even more. I was beyond excited when Lindsay asked me to come into her home after their third baby was born.

I get asked a lot why I don’t photograph newborns…but…I DO photograph newborns!! I just choose to photograph newborns in their most natural state, and when someone asks for a posed/studio-based session I love to refer to other great newborn photographers that match that style. When I shoot (and this applies to all of my work), I really really want to tell a story. I love coming into a home after a new baby has arrived, photographing her/him in their brand-new world…the world and environment they’re going to learn in, begin to walk in, start to talk in. I adore incorporating other family members into all of my newborn sessions; siblings go loco showing off their new sister or brother, and I love watching how excited they are. I let babies stay as they are, because it’s them. Eyes opened, eyes closed, hands up, tongues out and every little cute quirk in between. Fifty years from now I want these parents to remember every little amazing thing their little one did in his or her first days. The only way I feel I can do that is during a lifestyle session. Gah, I just love these sessions so. much.

“But our house is too messy!!” PUH-LEASE. *Guarantee* it isn’t messier than mine…that is a fact. Embrace these times, parents; you’re never going to remember how clean your house was, but toys and clothes and crumbs and crayons everywhere just means it’s a house holding a lot of fun, a lot of memories and a lot of life.

photos shot on portra and fuji film, developed by the find lab

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