Scott, Jess + lots of love

It is hard photographing your best friend. Not hard as in they were hard subjects, but just hard as in trying to remain professional when all you want to do is make fun of her or punch her or something (in a friendly way, of course…).

In all seriousness, though, Jess and I go WAY back. We grew up together in the most tomboy-ish way imaginable (hence the making fun of/punching comment…and I could have said a lot worse, haha!) Sports were everything, boys were stupid…then kind of everything…we have the best memories from growing up together in church and our families meant and still mean the world to one another. We know each other’s secrets, lowest moments and happiest times. I have loved watching Jess evolve into the amazing woman she is.

Right before Jess met Scott, we were talking with my mom after church one Sunday. Jess had almost given up on finding the absolute perfect guy that she had been holding out for. I remember mom telling her that it would happen soon, when she least expected. Then, hello, Scott. It was so great watching Jess become so happy and in love. Scott is a great father, hard worker, wonderful and Godly man.

2015-07-21_0023.jpgHe came with the added bonus of three amazing children. With Jess and Mady, this family of now six is beyond precious.

2015-07-21_0024.jpg2015-07-21_0026.jpg2015-07-21_0025.jpg2015-07-21_0034.jpg2015-07-21_0028.jpgI am SO excited for this wedding next month!! Jess was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and I can’t wait to stand up with her as well. Without a doubt it is going to be such an awesome day.

2015-07-21_0031.jpg2015-07-21_0027.jpg2015-07-21_0032.jpg2015-07-21_0030.jpg2015-07-21_0033.jpg2015-07-21_0029.jpgI am so happy for you both and can’t wait to see how God blesses your family!

A trip down memory lane….pretty sure most of these were uploaded from a scanner!? Haha- my how times have changed.


Love you so much, Jess. Can’t wait for August 29!

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