stars, skates, trumpets & tea

I photographed Natalie and her kiddos on possibly THE gloomiest day of the year here in good old Indiana. It was seriously ice-storming out, but that didn’t stop us from having the best time inside. As a film photographer that loves bright, natural light…I was a bit nervous knowing mother nature wasn’t helping me. I live only a few blocks from Natalie, and my own home was SO DARK, so I knew it would be a little challenging. When I arrived at the session, her kids welcomed me with open arms, shared their favorite things with me and reassured me that sometimes, if you just go-with-the-flow, you end up with one of your favorite sessions ever. 

Lifestyle sessions will *always* have my heart. Check out some of my favorites of Natalie and her kids below!

various film stocks, all pushed 2 stops, developed by The FIND Lab

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