Stephanie and Adam: Engaged

I knew I would adore these two the moment I met them! It was obvious how in love they were, too. They are getting married September 26th later this year. They met through mutual friends, became great friends themselves and have been together three years now.2015-06-30_0007.jpgI LOVE shooting places unique to my clients. We used this location for a special reason:

“Adam knows I love my front porch, it’s my favorite spot at my house. On one of the first nice spring days in April last year we had been on a walk, came back and were sitting on the porch talking life when Adam asked if I wanted to walk downtown to go to Cook McDoogle’s for dinner. I went inside to get ready, and Adam was waiting for me on the porch, when I came out he hugged and kissed me and asked if I really knew how much he loved me. I said of course I do, then he got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?”┬áIt was the perfect night, staring at my future husband and my amazing ring!”

I thought the idea of shooting here was so sweet!

2015-06-30_0006.jpg2015-06-30_0009.jpg2015-06-30_0008.jpg2015-06-30_0002.jpg“I love Adam because he not only completes me but inspires me. He makes me a better person. He’s loving, compassionate and always has a smile on his face. Life is just better with Adam in it.”

2015-06-30_0003.jpg2015-06-30_00122015-06-30_0004.jpg2015-06-30_0011.jpg2015-06-30_0005.jpg“I love Stephanie because she always puts others before herself, I call her the hostess with the mostest because she always wants everyone taken care of and comfortable. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and has a spirit that lights up any room she walks into.”


I wish you both nothing but the best!! Congrats, guys!2015-06-30_0001.jpg

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