The Gradle Family & all about Iris!

Recently, I had the awesome privilege of photographing the Gradle family. It was *scorching* hot during their session, but the kids were some of the sweetest I’ve ever photographed, and the session honestly couldn’t have gone better. I really loved being able to meet Meredith, too. She is the founder/owner of Iris-Works, a software that makes the life of photographers 100000x easier. Keep reading to learn more!

also….I REALLY need to blog more. Geez.

all images shot with fuji400h film on a contax645, developed by the find lab

2016-06-29_0008.jpg2016-06-29_0009.jpgloved these two so much
2016-06-29_0012.jpg1) How stunning is Meredith?! 2) Back to Iris-Works! My favorite part about Iris is that is keeps my clients/client information completely organized without me having to do hardly anything. I input client info and Iris does the rest…contract work, info emails, reminders, you name it!  You can even upload and send galleries from Iris, create your own to-do lists, send questionnaires, etc! Please click here to go to their website: Iris- Works (and shameless plug here: if you sign up let me know, and I’ll give you a referral code)! This software is seriously something I feel I couldn’t run my business without after using it for over a year now!2016-06-29_0013.jpgI had such a blast with you guys…thanks so much, again, Gradle fam!

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