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Family is my “why.” Why I do this…I love capturing the love a mom has for her kids, parents still head-over-heels for each other after many years, and tough dads turning into teddy bears when holding their little ones. Being able to make time stand still when I photograph a child…the way his/her parent sees them…truly sees them as only a parent can, is the greatest gift I could give and one that lasts forever. I love shooting weddings because I view it as getting to document the day where this family love began. There is truly nothing more special in life, which is why I shoot so.many.photos. of my own. I really believe that photographing my family helps me see other families in the same special way when I am in their homes or photographing them.

Here are some photos I love of my people <3

(all film, developed by FIND and PhotoVision)

                                                                                                         2015-11-11_00032015-11-11_00012015-11-11_0002                                                                                     2015-11-11_000410.20.152015-11-11_000510.15.152015-11-11_0008

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